Africa Health ExCon

Date:  7 to 10 June, 2023
Host:  Members

Africa Health ExCon is the largest annual medical exhibition and conference in Africa held under the auspices and attendance of His Excellency Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and endorsed by the Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority (UPA), where healthcare professionals convene to engage in dialogue, create partnerships, do business, discuss various ways of collaboration, and identify solutions and strategies to current challenges.

A delegation from the Geneva Sustainability Centre was invited by Saudi-German Health (a proud partner of Africa Health ExCon) to take part in the second Africa Health ExCon in Cairo, Egypt. Over 5,000 thousand visitors participated in the conference.

The Geneva Sustainability Centre presented a 90-minute panel discussion with Q&A on climate leadership together with Dr Joan Osoro-Mbuti from Nairobi, Kenya, and Dr Hesham Abdelghaffar from the American University in Cairo. In addition, the team hosted a workshop on “Overcoming obstacles and creating opportunities” with over 50 fully engaged participants.

Prof Edda Weimann was invited to share her knowledge on e-health in Africa in a talk (“e-health in Africa: success or failure”) and Ryan Crowder participated in the panel discussion. Future collaborations were also discussed with the executive management and the CEO of the Egypt Health Authority (EHA).

In addition, we had the opportunity to discuss further collaboration with the chairman of the GAHA accreditation association. Egypt has developed and released sustainable healthcare standards and has accredited hospitals such as the Sharm el Sheik hospital as a green hospital. Staff of EHA mentioned that patients prefer sustainable hospitals as they appreciate the holistic level of care.

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