IHF at WHO workshop: Caring for those who care

Date:  29 November 2023

IHF at WHO workshop: Caring for those who care

At the WHO headquarters in Geneva on 20 November, the IHF participated in a workshop with key partners and stakeholders, discussing policymaking to safuguard the health, safety, and wellbeing of the global healthcare workforce.

The protection of health and safety of health workers should be part of the core business of the health sector. A sustainable health sector with sustainable hospitals is essential to safeguarding the health safety and wellbeing of health workers.  

During the workshop, national policies from various countries were presented (UK, Togo, Tanzania, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, China, Oman, and South Africa). The IHF, together with other non-governmental organizations, gave a presentation about how workforce issues are addressed is various work programmes and initiatives. At the IHF, these include:

  • AHA Excellence Award for Healthcare Workers’ Wellbeing
  • implementation of workforce retention strategies in the Global Healthcare Leadership Competency Model
  • the involvement of health professionals in the discussion on sustainable hospitals.

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