IHF boosts knowledge-based defence against COVID

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) has been actively supporting the efforts of healthcare associations and organizations in dealing with the pandemic crisis through COVID Information and Resource, a knowledge-based resource made openly available on IHF website.

With historic decades of service to members around the world, IHF continues to expand its knowledge-based resources that are timely and beneficial to stakeholders. By providing a public access to COVID database, it provides a one-stop exchange for information-sharing of expertise, experiences, and endeavours tackling Coronavirus disease.

During this challenging time of self-isolation, home quarantine, and lockdown, being connected to the net in search for latest updates becomes a necessity among communities. This is where web resources become instrumental to elevating public awareness and health education.

IHF President Risto Miettunen,M.D. said the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting an increasing number of populations across the world, placing great strain on health services delivery organizations. The International Hospital Federation does not seek to overlap with the key role of the World Health Organization at the global level, and of the countries’ national agencies and health service organizations giving the most appropriate recommendations in a fast-evolving situation.

With the influx of information on digital platforms, netizens tend to react in an overwhelming manner leading to confusion and panic. To help the netizens find the right information, the IHF collaborates with its members and partners in the dissemination of COVID updates on both national and regional levels.

The IHF remains proactive to its mission of improving the standards of healthcare sector worldwide. It is not only to bring solutions to present crisis but also, to be ready for the future of healthcare organizations on national and regional levels.

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