IHF vows to fight #TogetherAgainstCOVID

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) is committed to fight against the COVID-19 as the entire world becomes vigilant towards a global cause of saving lives patients and medical workforce.

COVID-19 has clearly challenged the capabilities, resources, and economy of almost all nations. However, the resilience of the global healthcare community becomes evident given so much dedication to surviving the pandemic crisis.

IHF CEO Eric de Roodenbeke,Ph.D. said:

“We do wish to underscore the essential role played by the health service providers that are on the front line to support all those affected by the virus and providing responses for the most critical cases. We all must recognize the work carried out by all health professionals: this is not only because it is their job to do so that we shouldn’t praise them for what they are doing while taking serious risks with their own health to care for others.

While most of the civilians stay home for wellbeing, there are frontliners like doctors, nurses, researchers who are facing the risks of exposure to the viral infection of COVID-19. Also, there are service providers like hospitals, test centres, clinics are suffering from shortage of medical supply and equipment.

Such problems have been addressed on a national level while others are still waiting for immediate solutions in some regions. As the leader of the global healthcare community, IHF responds to crisis by continuously supporting its members worldwide through strategic and innovative interventions.”

To recognize the pivotal role of healthcare organizations, IHF has activated a social media campaign #TogetherAgainstCovid where stories, voices, and thoughts can be shared aiming to chronicle the learnings in their journey.

With decades of global healthcare leadership, the IHF keeps optimism alive in its proactive role to help rebuilding the healthcare industry worldwide. It envisions a revitalized comeback of the global healthcare community that will be ready for recurring crisis in the future.

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