Our tools are designed to enable healthcare leaders to start, and chart, their sustainability journey with confidence.


Practical resources for taking action.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to take your organization’s first steps on the sustainability journey, or you need a digital solution to track progress, the Geneva Sustainability Centre’s tools are designed specifically for healthcare leaders.

Sustainability Accelerator Tool

The Sustainability Accelerator Tool (SAT) is an innovative digital platform that provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a comprehensive solution to assess their sustainability maturity and track their progress against key performance indicators. With a seamless user experience, our tool, designed in collaboration with Deloitte, aims to drive your organization forward on its journey to sustainability and climate-resilience.

How can it benefit your hospital and healthcare organization?

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Conduct a self-assessment

Assess your organizational sustainability maturity across three essential domains: Environmental impact, Health, equity and wellbeing, and Leadership and governance.

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Monitor progress effectively

Gain access to an industry-specific dashboard providing a clear overview of your organization's progress.

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Benchmark your results

Report your hospital's performance against core indicators and compare it to other healthcare organizations worldwide for valuable insights.

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Broaden your network

Engage with a global community to discover and replicate quick wins, taking inspiration from successful local and international use cases.

SAT supports your organization on its journey to greater sustainability and climate resilience. The tool opens doors to additional resources, the latest insights, best practices, specialized training, and personalized consultations.

Is SAT the tool your organization is looking for?

Get in touch with us to discuss your sustainability needs. We will keep you up to date on SAT's pilot phase as we prepare to launch.

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