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Through our members, we are the voice of hospitals and health systems on the global stage.

We connect healthcare leaders, supporting them to excel through training and development. We create forums for international, peer to peer knowledge exchange. Our events, programmes, and special interest groups showcase good practices. We work in partnership with international organizations on key issues for our members.

We believe in global learning that leads to local action. Join the world's healthcare leaders at the 47th IHF World Hospital Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 10 to 12 September 2024 to connect with peers for knowledge exchange and networking that can transform healthcare delivery worldwide.

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What our members say

HE Dr Ahmed El-Sobky

Chairman, Egypt Healthcare Authority (IHF Full Member)

As the Egypt Healthcare Authority, we carry the immense hopes and dreams of millions of Egyptians within our hearts. Our ultimate goal to achieve universal health coverage and improve lives is a testament to our unwavering dedication and belief in the power of healthcare.

The IHF has been our guiding light throughout this transformative journey. Their support and expertise have been instrumental in our progress. Through their global network of healthcare leaders, we have found solace in the fact that we are not alone in our pursuit. We have discovered a community of like-minded individuals who share our vision, commitment, and burning passion to make a difference.

Together with the IHF, we have embarked on an incredible path of collaboration, sharing ideas, and learning from best practices. The stories of triumph and resilience from healthcare providers worldwide have left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Paul – Émile Cloutier

President and CEO, HealthCareCAN (IHF Full Member)

HealthCareCAN deeply values its relationship with the IHF, and it is our view that global cooperation and partnerships are a vital component of Canada’s success. Our membership in the IHF for the past seven years has provided our members with international perspectives that have helped drive innovation and excellence in Canada’s health system.

Dr Steve Ueng

President, Taiwan Hospital Association (IHF Full Member)

The Taiwan Hospital Association joined the IHF as a full member in 1970. We are delighted that the IHF provides its members with a platform for knowledge exchange and networking with different actors in the health sector to improve the standard, quality, and level of service delivery.

Matthew Taylor

CEO, NHS Confederation (IHF Full Member)

The greatest strength of IHF membership for us over the last five years has been our ability to connect with leaders across the IHF community, to share our mutual experiences, insights, and expertise. Our collaboration with the IHF has helped us share international best practice with our members as they contend with the mutual challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Simon Tang

Director (Cluster Services), Hong Kong Hospital Authority (IHF Full Member)

As part of the IHF community throughout the years, our staff members have been offered valuable opportunities in knowledge and strategies exchange, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The role of the IHF will become more and more important amid the challenges of chronic illnesses and aging population faced by various hospitals and healthcare associations around the world. We are confident that the IHF will lead us to tackle these challenges ahead.

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Connect internationally

We provide our members with a platform for knowledge exchange and networking with different actors in the health sector. Motivated by a shared commitment to well-managed hospitals, our members act together to improve the standard, quality, and level of healthcare service delivery.

Knowledge exchange

Connect at the annual World Hospital Congress, virtual events, and study tours. Special interest groups focus on the key issues for today’s hospital managers. Annual IHF Awards recognize and share good practice.

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Leadership development

Dedicated groups for association leaders, and women in leadership, a development programme for young executives, and a leadership competencies framework.

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Outreach and partnerships

Advocacy and international collaborations help us to carry out our work more effectively and find creative solutions to support our members facing a variety of challenges.

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Geneva Sustainability Centre

Driving net zero, climate resilient, and sustainable health systems: supporting hospitals to become leaders for sustainability in their communities.

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IHF Awards 2024 shortlists 49 finalists

Out of more than 500 entries this year, a total of 49 finalists have been shortlisted for the 7 contested IHF Awards, from which the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards, as well as honourable mentions, will be selected and presented in each category.

The IHF Awards 2024 winners will be presented at the Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on 11 September at the 47th World Hospital Congress in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). An audience of over 500 hospital and healthcare executives from around the globe will gather to celebrate the winning achievements.

Discover the finalists

Register for the IHF World Hospital Congress 2024 today!

Advance, exchange, and connect with international peers at the 47th World Hospital Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this September.

Take advantage of exciting offers on registration rates.
• IHF Members benefit from exclusive membership discounts.
• Delegates from low-income and lower-middle income countries are eligible for special reduced rates.
• Brazilian members, partners, and presenters can book a place at locally welcoming reduced rates.
• Group booking rates are available. Starting at 10% discount for 5+ delegates from the same organization and rising to 25% discount on 31+ delegates from the same organization.

Visit the Congress registration page for full details

Statement on the WHA77 Resolution on Climate Change and Health

As an organization working at the intersection of health and climate, and in our role as the global voice of hospitals, the IHF and Geneva Sustainability Centre welcome the growing global recognition that the healthcare sector has a significant role to play in taking positive actions to address both the consequences of climate change on health, and the contribution that the sector can make to decarbonizing and reducing its environmental impact – building sustainability and resilience into health systems worldwide.

Read full statement

Geneva to host the World Hospital Congress in 2025

We are excited to announce that the 48th World Hospital Congress will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, in November 2025 with the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) and the Canton serving as host.

Read the full announcement

Women in leadership: Acting for today and inspiring the next generation

On 14 May 2024, female leaders in the healthcare sector in Guinea Bissau and Kenya delivered a ton of inspiration to our Women in Leadership Special Interest Group. The session provided a space for attendees to share experiences and advice on advancing in leadership. They also learned about the IHF Leadership Model and how it can be applied in relation to gender equity – a topic that the SIG will take forward in the coming months.

Catch up with the highlights

Unlocking the Future: AI Technology and Digital Transformation in Healthcare

AI offers many benefits for quality and efficiency across different areas of hospital management.
On May 23, the Association Leaders Circle will meet to discuss the strategic deployment of AI to create smarter healthcare environments, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall efficiency within hospital settings. Participants will gain the knowledge to drive meaningful change and advance healthcare delivery.
This exchange of insights will empower leaders to adapt and tailor strategies to suit their specific institutional contexts, fostering innovation and informed decision-making within their healthcare environments.

Find out more about the event

Sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities: World Hospital Congress 2024

Help your organization establish meaningful connections and partnerships across our global community. Explore the WHC2024 sponsorship prospectus and discover the right package to spotlight your business, and its contribution to the future of healthcare delivery, at this year's Congress.

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Statement on violence against hospitals and healthcare workers

We are extremely concerned by the escalation of armed violence undermining the safety of Palestinian and Israeli healthcare workers, patients, and hospitals.
We strongly reiterate our position: hospitals, healthcare workers, patients, and ambulances should not and should never be a target! No matter the context. No matter the reasons. It is a violation of international humanitarian law, and we firmly stand against it.
We join other international organizations by calling on all parties to respect the rights and safety of healthcare professionals and facilities.

Winners announced for IHF Awards 2023

The IHF has announced the winners of the IHF Awards 2023 after scoring entries in all 7 Award categories. This year, more than 500 entries were submitted by hospitals and healthcare organizations from 43 countries and territories – a record number since the Awards commenced in 2015.
In 2023, a total of 69 finalists were shortlisted across 7 IHF Awards categories, from which the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were presented on 26 October, as well as honourable mentions to other exceptional entries in each category.

Full list of winners of IHF Awards 2023

Rio de Janeiro will host the 47th World Hospital Congress in 2024

The 47th World Hospital Congress will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in September 2024.

The World Hospital Congress brings together hospital leaders and healthcare delivery executives to connect around global learning for local action. This Congress is a forum to exchange best practices in leadership and management of healthcare delivery. Annually, the World Hospital Congress attracts over 1200 participants from around 60 countries.

Press release: 47th World Hospital Congress in Rio

Concern for safety of healthcare in Sudan

Recent reports of attacks on healthcare facilities in Sudan are deeply concerning. Health facilities and their workers are never to be targeted during armed conflicts. Attacks on hospitals, healthcare workers, and ambulances are not acceptable – no matter the context, no matter the reason. We stand with our partners, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), in asking that international humanitarian law be respected. Healthcare is #NotATarget.

More about our advocacy and partnership work

Is your hospital prepared for a cyberattack?

If your hospital is targeted, it’s more than data at risk – the reputational consequences can lead to a damaging loss of trust. The IHF’s Harnessing Big Data Special Interest Group hosted a session in collaboration with Vizient, Inc. focused on helping CEOs and C-suite executives prepare effective communications strategies to minimize the negative impacts of a cyberattack

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Cyberattack_in the spotlight

Addressing climate change as an integral part of healthcare delivery

We join our voice with those recognizing the impact of the healthcare sector on the environment and human health. We equally recognize that good leadership is paramount to drive the organizational changes which will generate positive impact for the generations to come.
This statement illustrates the conviction of IHF Members that every hospital and healthcare organization has a role to play in its community in addressing the sustainability challenges. We also consider it as the starting point of our long-term engagement to take action on climate change.
Through our newly established Geneva Sustainability Centre, we are committed to responding to your needs and to equipping current and future hospital leaders with the required information, tools and skills.

IHF Statement on Sustainability

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