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June 5th to June 8th 2017

This was the opportunity to learn and explore Canada’s hospital service delivery and healthcare experience together with the latest state-of-the-art and innovation that is abundant in culture and culinary delights!

The participants got insights about the host country’s healthcare reforms and system like: History of Universal Health Care in Canadian Health and Recent Reforms in Health Care in Quebec.

They encountered deeper topics on healthcare such as the Role of Organizations & Strategic Management. They discovered more if the Innovative Delivery Models as well as the important role played by health systems research in improving healthcare and Long-Term Care Networks in Montreal.

They had also the opportunity to visit the CIUSSS Centre-Sud(Emergency, Ambulatory and In-Patient Care Facilities), the McGill University Hospital Group (Glen site), the ArbecHealth Group, the Montreal Institute of Geriatrics and the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

Programme of the Study Tour

Report of the Study Tour



June 27th to July 1st 2016

This Study Tour included site visits to leading US policy makers, hospital managers and decision makers, Ivy League research and entrepreneurship centres, community leaders, health financing experts to better understand their respective industry and role in healthcare, and pave the way for effective advocacy and strategies that will result in implementation and exchange of ideas on best practices in leadership and management in health service delivery by hospitals and healthcare facilities. The list included New York Department of Health, Mt Sinai Hospital, Columbia University Medical Centre, Wagner School of Public Services (NYU), CityMDUrgent Care, New York Academy of Medicine, The Commonwealth Fund and other New York healthcare institutions in the New York Metropolitan area.

Health care leaders from the IHF along with hospital CEOs and other Executives from India, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the U.S. came to discuss:

  • What new models are being used by hospitals to drive innovation –and well they are working?
  • How has the ACA impacted health policy issues across both the short and long term?
  • What can the US and other countries learn from each other?


Programme of the Study Tour


Report of the Study Tour


DOHMH Overivew Eric Colchamiro (PDF)
Douglas Miller Implications of the ACA for University Med Ctrs (PDF)
Reducing the Uninsured and Increasing Access to Care (PDF)
The Affordable Care Act-A brief Introduction Sherry Glied (PDF)