Hospital Management Asia 2024

Date:  27 to 30 August 2024
Host:  Partners

Theme for 2024: Keeping pace with healthcare challenges

A two day event on 28 and 29 August in Bali, Indonesia, with pre-event workshops on 27 August and hospital tours on 30 August.

Healthcare’s digital transformation has been considered a solution to many challenges the sector faces for many years – including the acute lack of nurses and allied health workers, widening access to care, and meeting raising demand from ageing populations.

But digital transformation goes beyond simply procuring the right technologies and digital solutions for the hospital. Transformation also calls for changing mindsets, crafting novel processes, and building cultures and relationships.

HMA 2024 will showcase healthcare providers in the region who have improved outcomes and experience not just for patients but also for its staff using smart technology, and how they’ve been able to get past the mindset, culture and relationship blocks.

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27 to 30 August 2024

Hospital Management Asia 2024

Theme for 2024: Keeping pace with healthcare challenges A two day event on 28 and 29 August in Bali, Indonesia,...