Colombian Association of Hospitals (ACHC)



IHF member since: 1990

The Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics is a trade union organization founded in 1956, which brings together hospital entities (public and private) that provide health services of low, medium, and high complexity throughout the country.

For more than 66 years of management, it has been the spokesman and defender of the interests of hospitals and clinics in Colombia. Its mission is to promote the technical and administrative strengthening of its members, generating spaces for knowledge, consultation, information, communication, training and representation, under ethical principles of good practices in health services.

The ACHC is committed to offering innovative services that meet the needs of its members and the challenges that the evolution of the health sector imposes on them, to establish alliances that benefit the daily management of hospitals and clinics and to seek strategies that allow the creation of a network of strengthened hospital entities,  where each of its members is a generator of value, which retains its main objective of providing health services based on respect for human dignity, quality, safety, and excellence in care.

The ACHC has influenced and built the history of health in Colombia for more than six decades.

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Current Governing Council member: Dr Henry Gallardo