Harnessing the power of standards to enhance patient safety and traceability worldwide.

GS1 is an international standards development organisation, best known for providing a system of unique numbers, data carriers like barcodes and information sharing standards relevant to products, relationships, assets, locations, services, and processes. Across 150 countries, GS1 standards are being used in 25 industry sectors including healthcare.

Since 2005, GS1 has operated across the healthcare sector with the primary objective to enhance patient safety, and to drive supply chain efficiencies. GS1 Healthcare is a neutral and open community bringing together all related healthcare stakeholders to lead the successful development and implementation of global GS1 standards, enhancing patient safety and operational and supply chain efficiencies. The development and implementation of GS1 standards for healthcare support the industry within traceability of products from the manufacturer to the patient, contribute to detect counterfeit products, help to prevent medication errors, enable effective recalls, and support clinical processes. More than 70 countries have healthcare-related regulations or trading partner requirements where GS1 standards are being used for the above reasons as well for medicines as medical devices.

To further understand how GS1 standards help hospitals deliver safer care and support healthcare digital transformation, watch the videos below.

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