Luxemburgish Hospital Federation (FHLUX)



Constituted in 1948 then formalized in the form of an ASBL in 1965, the Federation of Luxembourg Hospitals (FHL) brings together all the establishments in Luxembourg, including four hospital centers (CHdN, CHEM, CHL, HRS) and six specialized establishments ( Rehazenter, Baclesse, CHNP, INCCI, Colpach, HIS), i.e. 9,000 employees and more than 1,000 medical specialists. Luxembourg hospital structures have state-of-the-art infrastructure that is regularly updated and provide quality care to their patients. The various establishments represented by the FHL thus constitute the backbone of the Luxembourg healthcare system.

The FHL contributes to the continuous improvement of the national health system in the interest of the patient. It facilitates collaboration and complementarity between hospitals and the various other players in the sector in order to offer patients the most appropriate care. As a unifying unit, the FHL is thus able to defend the interests of its members and healthcare professionals in general and to promote innovations and hospital progress in all their forms. It also sets itself the task of informing and guiding political decision-makers with regard to the vision and strategic developments of the Luxembourg hospital sector and the health field as a whole, aiming to contribute in this way to a better state of health and, therefore , a better quality of life for the population.