Salone Medical Center, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Africa and Eastern Mediterranean

IHF member since: 2023

Salone Medical Center provides high-quality and affordable healthcare to improve the health and wellness of all residents of Sierra Leone. Their network provides expertise and resources to member of medical facilities through formal collaboration and information-sharing tools. Through programmes, personalized healthcare, and innovative research, they strive to eliminate health disparities and help prevent and reduce illness and premature death.

Salone Medical Center (SMC) offers a complete health solution locally and internationally (with referrals, hospitals, doctors, and partners abroad), with the most advanced laboratory within Sierra Leone, with fully automated systems.

SMC is equipped with different specialty doctors and professors, from both international and local, with an extension of e-medicine provided from Germany, Spain, Lebanon, UAE, India, etc. and are linked with advanced health centres for immediate evacuation to neighbouring countries.