SANTHEA – Walloon and Brussels Federation of Health and Social Care Organizations



Santhea is an employers' federation of Walloon and Brussels care institutions, from the public sector as well as from the non-denominational and non-commercial private sector.  

Santhea represents , in the Walloon Region and the Brussels Region, hospitals (more than 50% of Walloon hospital beds) as well as other care establishments such as rest (and care) homes, day care centres, assisted living facilities, psychiatric nursing homes, mental health services, rehabilitation centres, sheltered housing initiatives, clinical biology and pathology laboratories and polyclinics. Santheaalso represents organizations such as home care federations, health insurance funds, federations of institutions linked to early childhood, family planning, blood transfusion centers and external services for prevention and protection at work. 

Due to its representativeness santhea is an essential interlocutor for the authorities, the political world and other players in the health sector.