Unicancer (French Federation of Cancer Centres)



Unicancer is the only French hospital federation 100% dedicated to the fight against cancer.

Through its health cooperation group, Unicancer is also the only national hospital network exclusively specialized in oncology. It brings together 18 French Comprehensive Cancer Centres and an affiliated member, spread over 21 sites, all offering a public service and playing a major role in healthcare and research in France.

Unicancer counts around 21,000 dedicated employees, focused on excellence in healthcare, research and continuous professional education on a daily basis. Its centres:

  • are exclusively dedicated to oncology
  • carry out public service missions (non-profit, private healthcare centres)
  • ensure treatment without additional fees
  • cover the entire France
  • aim for excellence and are at the cutting edge of research and innovation
  • treat around 530,000 patients each year

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