Zorgnet-Icuro VZW – Flemish Network of Healthcare Organizations



Zorgnet-Icuro vzw is the umbrella organization of the Flemish general hospitals , initiatives from mental health care and social profit facilities from residential care . More than 775 recognized healthcare organizations are members of Zorgnet-Icuro, together they employ almost 140,000 employees. Our care facilities aim to provide high-quality, affordable and accessible care .

Zorgnet-Icuro is a network that plays an active role in the exchange of knowledge, ideas and good practices in healthcare. We develop visions about the way in which we want to organize our health care and how we can provide the population with high-quality, accessible and affordable care in a sustainable way in the future.

As a recognized employers' federation , we give a voice to the many social entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector and we are an important discussion partner for the Flemish and federal government. Zorgnet-Icuro represents its member facilities in social dialogue, both at Flemish and federal level.