7 reasons to be an IHF Young Executive Leader (insights from the 2024 Steering Committee)

Date:  12 December 2023

The healthcare sector is dynamic, complex, and constantly evolving. In this challenging scenario, professionals seeking to excel and shape the future of healthcare have a unique opportunity in front of them: the Young Executive Leaders Programme. This programme provides an exceptional platform for professional and personal development while providing unique experiences. Here are seven reasons to engage in this transformative journey.

1 Networking

To participate in the Young Executive Leaders Programme is to enter a global ecosystem of health professionals. The networking provided is second to none, connecting young leaders to mentors, peers, and renowned experts from different parts of the world. This valuable network opens doors to collaborations, strategic partnerships, and innovative insights that transcend geographical boundaries.

2 Recognition

The programme gives unique visibility to participants, raising their profile in the international health sector. Young Executive Leaders are recognized as agents of change and innovation, gaining authority in their respective fields. This visibility not only boosts the individual career but also contributes to the improvement of the global healthcare system.

3 Skills development

The programme invests significantly in the development of leadership skills specific to the healthcare area. Through a structured agenda, participants enhance their competencies in management, ethical decision-making, and inspirational leadership, preparing them to face the complex challenges of the health system.

4 Diversity

The IHF celebrates diversity and recognizes the importance of different perspectives in building effective solutions to global health challenges. By participating in the programme, Young Executive Leaders have the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering a deeper understanding of cultural complexities and adaptability to diverse contexts.

5 Belonging

To be part of the Young Executive Leaders Programme is to be part of an exclusive community of continuous learning. The exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices among participants is encouraged, creating an environment conducive to mutual development and collective growth.

6 World Hospital Congress

The participation in the programme culminates in the prestigious World Hospital Congress, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2024. This is a unique opportunity for Young Executive Leaders to present their contributions, learn from renowned experts, and establish crucial connections that will shape the future of their careers.

7 Ongoing opportunities

The journey does not end with the completion of the programme. Participants have the chance to stay in the programme through the YEL Alumni network, continuing to influence and contribute to the development of the global healthcare sector. Integration in different activities offers additional opportunities to lead strategic initiatives and maintain continuity in the programme, contributing to the training of the next generations of health leaders.

In summary, the Young Executive Leaders Programme represents more than an opportunity for professional development; it is a gateway to a global community committed to transforming the world’s health landscape. By participating in this programme, professionals not only hone their skills but also actively contribute to building a healthier and more equitable future for all.

Produced by members of the YEL 2024 Steering Committee

Agir – Health Management, Innovation and Results Association, Brazil

J. Antônio Cirino

Director of Education and Development
2024 Steering Committee co-chair and Young Executive Leaders 2021

As well as compliance, a practising communicologist, quality manager, professor and health researcher.

CJ Bolster

CJ Bolster

2024 Steering Committee co-chair

CJ is the co-chair of the IHF YEL Steering Committee. He is a highly regarded leader of Management Consulting and Executive Search firms.

Written by:

Katherine Bennett

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