Carbon challenge of healthcare: IHF partners in action

Date:  10 November 2022

Carbon challenge of healthcare: IHF partners in action

Climate change impacts human health in different ways, increasing the demand for healthcare services. Ironically, the healthcare sector itself is a major emitter of greenhouse gases, which change the climate and adversely affect human health.

At the 45th World Hospital Congress, an IHF partners’ workshop focused on net zero, climate resilient, and sustainable healthcare. Attendees learned and exchanged on concrete ways of delivering net zero in a hospital or healthcare setting.

This tabletop exercise was led by The Joint Commission, and chaired by their President and CEO, Dr Jonathan B. Perlin. Invited participants came from IHF partner organizations including the World Economic Forum, WONCA and ISQua.

Dr Perlin outlined the carbon challenge of healthcare, giving a personal account of his journey and setting a call to action to the audience. In roundtable discussion, the attendees worked to identify solutions from different perspectives including patients, accreditors, and hospital boards.

Participants in the IHF’s Young Executive Leaders programme joined each table, helping to report back and bring the discussion to life.┬áThe perpesctives gathered from the workshop will contribute to forward planning at the Geneva Sustainability Centre, as it develops resources and tool to support members and partners to drive action and share successes.

The session was very well received and prompted many to consider the topic from a wide range of angles. Feedback from attendees were that they felt energized and excited about the topic and the role they can play going forward. The session format was especially appreciated, with both current and future leaders working at the tables together.

At the Geneva Sustainability Centre, contributions are welcome from IHF members and partners with ideas about how best to accelerate action towards net zero, resilient and sustainable healthcare. You can contact the team at any time.

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