Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital – Gold Winner of the Excellence Award for Healthcare Workers’ Wellbeing

Date:  24 December 2023

Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital recognized as Gold winner for the American Hospital Association Excellence Award for Healthcare Workers’ Wellbeing at the 2023 IHF Awards

Holistic approach for the wellbeing of the staff – from hospital to community

Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital is armed with its resolute commitment to protect life, health and love. They recognize the importance of a healthy work environment, inspired by the visionary guidance of Superintendent Dr. Lai Ning- Sheng.

Various committees were created to promote coordination in fulfilling these goals. This includes the Committee of Health Promoting Hospital, the Committee of Occupational Safety and Health, and the Committee of Staff Welfare. These entities work cohesively to follow International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations, aligning operations with international health and safety standards. The hospital adheres to the Healthy Workplace Model, which stresses the necessity of appropriate physical and psychosocial work environments, personal health resources, and active participation between the enterprise and the community to foster a healthy workspace. The overarching goal is to nurture a workplace environment that enhances wellness, job satisfaction, and employee productivity.

The institution’s holistic approach to the wellbeing of the staff is manifested in different areas: including the physical work environment, psycho-social work environment, personal health resources, and enterprise-community involvement. In terms of the physical work environment, it has taken a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the health of its radiation workers, encompassing prevention, protection, medical examinations, and emergency response. They have adopted a robust accident prevention and reporting system that requires the conduct of regular safety audits of both the environment and the equipment. The hospital is also prepared with procedures for crisis management in cases of intentional damage or disruption. In a bid to pursue sustainability, the hospital is actively engaging in energy-saving and reducing strategies as it targets a net zero milestone by 2050. This includes an investment of around $167,000 to replace high-energy lighting fixtures.

In terms of psychosocial Work Environment, the hospital fosters a supportive atmosphere that adopts stringent anti-sexual harassment and prevention measures. Staff are also offered counseling services, a functional grievance system, and consolation services as part of promoting mental health awareness and wellness.

The staff is equipped with services that can enhance their personal health. The hospital provides general and specific health examinations based on age and job nature. Activities are catered for them – including shared external exercise activities, physical fitness exams, family-inclusive walking activities, expert-led aerobic exercise sessions, and subsidized plant-based meals. Since 2014, all new staff members are required to undergo physical fitness examinations, while concurrent staff members are encouraged to regularly check their physical health conditions. Three free consultation services for mental health issues are provided. Staff can consult in matters related to work adjustment, emotional adjustment, stress response, workplace management, interpersonal interaction, parental education, etc.

Empowering the staff

Finally, the staff are encouraged with opportunities for enterprise-community involvement. They are encouraged to contribute their skills for volunteer-based community healthcare efforts for national or international disasters, as well as activities such as conducting free clinics in remote areas or assisting in local nursing homes.

Positive outcomes have been registered from the hospital’s efforts to enhance healthcare workers’ wellbeing. Based on their annual survey, the satisfaction rate for health promotion rose to 76.06% in 2021 from 75.61% in 2020. Esteemed health institutions from other countries have paid the hospital a visit to learn from their initiative. The roster includes Singapore’s Khoo Tech Puat Hospital, Indonesia’s Tzu Chi Hospital, Nepal’s Tamakoshi Community Hospital and Phect/Kathmandu Model Hospital.

For Dalin Tzu Hospital, creating a healthy workplace is vital for enhancing productivity, reducing absences, and fostering a more satisfied workforce, ultimately leading to improved patient care. It has displayed its commitment to a healthy workplace that is mirrored by its strategies and policies.

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Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital was founded in Taiwan in 2000 with 971 beds and 1,800 staff. The hospital provides health promotion programs for staff and patients. Its mission is to protect life, health, and love while integrating charity and healthcare.

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Written by:

Eleonor Angeles

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