DigiTech Health Leadership Talks – With Dr Harish Pillai (YEL2021)

Date:  08 October 2021

DigiTech Health Leadership Talks – With Dr Harish Pillai (YEL2021)



Authors: Taylor Johansen (Canada, Co-chair), Cátia Ferreira (Portugal), Leandro Luis (Portugal), Morenike Abidakun (Nigeria), Sudha Pathak (India/United Arab Emirates).

The DigiTech Health Leadership Talks are a series of recorded webcasts conducted by the 2021 Young Executive Leaders, which introduces people to the nuances of the field of digital health by sharing the knowledge of select international experts.

In these webcasts, we ask a few relevant questions to our guests and through their valuable comments, we learn about their role in transforming digital Health and their expertise in the field of telehealth and mobile health. Follow these interviews to learn about the world of digital and technology-driven transformations with distinguished experts.

In this second DigiTech Health Leadership Talks webcast, we spoke with Dr Harish Pillai, from India. A doctor with exceptional leadership skills, Dr. Harish Pillai joined the Aster DM Healthcare Group as the CEO of Aster Medcity Kochi in 2013. His ability to strategize and manage large-scale healthcare organisations helped Aster Medcity solidify its place among the top hospitals in the country in the span of just one year.

One of the most influential leaders in the Indian healthcare industry, Dr. Harish Pillai is a Member of the Joint Commission International (JCI) Standards Advisory Panel; Member of Governance Council of Association of Healthcare Providers (AHPI); National Chair for Medical Value Travel Committee in Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI); visiting faculty at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai and Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) Hyderabad

Dr. Harish Pillai has been featured in the April 2018 Cover Story of Healthcare Radius Magazine and was honoured with a Special Jury Award for CEO of The Year at the 1st BW Healthcare Hospital Summit & Awards in May 2019.

You can watch the whole interview or just the answers by following our instructions below.

[vc_video link=’https://youtu.be/4z9v4kLhEsA’]

0 – How do you see a CEO transforming digital health? (1:46)

Learn about the role of CEOs and CIOs in transforming digital health.

1 – How can mHealth and Telehealth contribute to better patient outcomes, from the perspective of value-based healthcare? (02:09)

Learn about health omni channels such as home care, wearables, E-diagnostics and E-pharmacies, and the post pandemic paradigm shift from a solely physical brick and mortar healthcare model to a click and brick mixed healthcare format.

2 – How well do you feel that society is embracing mHealth/telehealth and what are the fears and challenges? (4:22)

Learn about the difficulties from both the consumer and provider perspective. Providers face challenges such as lack of capital, discontinuity of care and lack of availability of doctors, nurse practitioners. Consumers on the other hand face have difficulties such as adapting to technology, especially for the elderly, and overcoming barriers such as cost gateways.

3 – What is the impact of COVID-19 on mHealth/telehealth? (8:06)

Learn about how the pandemic has accelerated the early adoption of technology and changed consumer behaviour. This can be seen in other industries such as food delivery companies like Zomato, Uber, and OLA.

4 – What actions should healthcare stakeholders take in order to realise the full potential of telehealth? (10:34)

Learn about the importance of have good regulators, bigger market players and patient justice for data activism.

5 – What do you think about the mHealth/telehealth strategy of your country? (15:04)

Learn about the National Digital Health Mission in India`s Regulatory framework to foster a complete ecosystem. Key principles of NDHM are to ensure:

  1. Data Privacy
  2. Data Portability
  3. And to Establish a National Repository

Then, learn about Ayushman Bharat: the world’s largest public health insurance scheme

6 – How do you think the new generation health managers should lead the mHealth & telehealth revolution (19:14)

Learn about the rapidly evolving field, and see what is happening in your respective country and what makes the greatest impact on your community.

7 – What do you predict about the mHealth and telehealth technology field in 2050? (20:18)

Learn about Drugs and molecules, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, vaccine development, and Immunotherapy, which build the future of healthcare.


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