DigiTech Health Leadership Talks – With Henrique Martins (YEL2021)

Date:  24 September 2021

DigiTech Health Leadership Talks – With Henrique Martins (YEL2021)



Authors: Taylor Johansen (Canada, Co-chair), Cátia Ferreira (Portugal), Leandro Luis (Portugal), Morenike Abidakun (Nigeria), Sudha Pathak (United Arab Emirates).

The DigiTech Health Leadership Talks are a series of recorded webcasts conducted by the 2021 Young Executive Leaders, which introduces people to the nuances of the field of digital health by sharing the healthcare people to the field of digital by sharing the knowledge of select international experts.

In these webcasts, we ask eight simple questions to our guests; one about themselves, and the other seven about their telehealth and mobile health expertise. Follow these interviews to learn about the world of digital and technology-driven transformations with some of the most recognized experts.

In this first DigiTech Health Leadership Talks webcast we spoke with Henrique Martins, from Portugal – an internationally recognized digital health thought leader, physician, and university professor who has worked in the digital health field for over 10 years.

You can watch the whole interview or just the answers by following our instructions below.

[vc_video link=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkXY06ddWc4′]


0 – Who is Henrique in the field of digital health (00:38)

Learn more about Henrique Martins and his work in digital health.

1 – How can mHealth and Telehealth contribute to better patient outcomes, from the perspective of value-based healthcare?? (02:09)

Learn about technology and value-based approaches for more patient-centered and safe care.

2 – How do you feel that society is embracing mhealth/telehealth and which are the fears and difficulties? (07:06)

Learn about the difficulties, such as the lack of digital literacy, the need of human contact and the ease of use of the technologies. Henrique spots the three main factors for fear and difficulties in mhealth/telehealth adoption:

“A third of the people does not have the capacity to experiment, another third of the people does not have the motivation or needs more motivation to experiment, and the final third loses their motivation if they have a bad experience.

3 – What is the impact of COVID-19 in mhealth/telehealth? (13:11)

Learn about the experience and excitement of the technology usage in the COVID-19 pandemics, but also about the importance of having criteria to “STOP telehealth”.

4 – What actions should healthcare stakeholders take in order to realise the full potential of telehealth? (19:03)

Learn about the importance of have good regulators, bigger market players and patient justice for data activism.

5 – What do you think about the mhealth/telehealth strategy of your country? (26:15)

Learn about the Portuguese national strategy for telehealth and the importance of having a dedicated budget for IT management.

6 – How do you think the new generation health managers should lead the mhealth & telehealth revolution (30:17)

Learn about the importance of education about digital health and the importance of using it when it matters. IT and managers need to interact and define what is needed to be effective in the usage of digital health.

7 – How do you see the mhealth and telehealth technologies in 2050? (35:05)

Learn about the vision for the future of healthcare, which is not only digital and neither only physical, it may be “physical”, a hybrid approach. Listen and learn about the KIWI model and understand the importance of Wisdom, when as managers we learn when not to use digital.


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