GSC Sustainability Accelerator Tool

Date:  08 November 2022

At the Geneva Sustainability Centre, we are thrilled to see that interest and attention on the intersection of climate and health are growing, however, we are also aware that hospitals in every region, country and community are beginning their journeys to sustainability from different starting points. For this reason, we developed the Sustainability Accelerator Tool and launched a teaser version during the 45th World Hospital Congress in Dubai.

More than 100 hospital leaders from around 40 countries tested the tool and obtained feedback on the maturity levels of their hospital regarding environmental sustainability and climate resilience, health equity and wellness, and leadership for sustainability.

The aggregated data from these responses were displayed after Plenary 3 at the World Hospital Congress, providing an overview of global hospital efforts to tackle climate change and inspiring healthcare leaders to take responsibility and act to improve the health of their communities by tackling climate change. The results indicated that 45.6% of the respondents’ organizations are at the early stages of addressing climate change in their operations and strategy. 33.6% are on a mid-level maturity and 20.8% are already advanced in the process.

The Geneva Sustainability Centre will work on improving the Sustainability Accelerator Tool to make it relevant and useful for hospitals and health systems from different regions, countries and settings.

The full version of the Sustainability Accelerator Tool will be available from June 2023. In the meantime, please contact us at for more information.

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