How can international health organizations facilitate access to healthcare services for refugees? (YEL2022 Podcast)

Date:  18 October 2022

How can international health organizations facilitate access to healthcare services for refugees? (YEL2022 Podcast)


A podcast from IHF Young Executive Leaders 2022 

“Have you ever imagined what it is like to leave your home country and be a refugee in a foreign country? Have you ever imagined how your family would feel then?”

Welcome to a special episode of the IHF’s Talking Healthcare podcast series. Brought to you by the Young Executive Leaders 2022, this episode explores how international health organizations can facilitate the access of refugees to healthcare services.

Creators: Dina El-Maghraby (Egypt), Giulia Petrarulo (France), Vanessa Ribeiro (Portugal), Mohamed Ameen (Egypt), and Kean Villarta (USA).

Reviewers (YEL Alumni): J. Antonio Cirino, Sudha Pathak.

Listen to this episode now. You can find this podcast, and all the other episodes in the IHF’s Talking Healthcare series, on the following platforms:


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  2. World Health Organization.. Health and migration programme.
  3. Medicins du monde, International Network. 2016 observatory report. Access to healthcare for people facing multiple vulnerabilities in health in 31 cities in 12 countries.
  4. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Public health.
  5. World Health Organization. Global summer school on refugee and migrant health.
  6. How the Red Cross has helped six million people living through the Syrian Crisis
  7. World Health Organization, Syria Crisis
  8. Médecins Sans Frontières, Resources (in French)
  9. UNHCR Syria Refugee Crisis Explained
  10. UNICEF Syrian Refugees Appeal
  11. Council of the European Union, Syria: EU response to the crisis,
  12. International Rescue Committee – Syria,

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