Climate change has a direct and increasingly damaging impact on both the health of communities and healthcare delivery. Luckily, the healthcare sector has many opportunities to reduce its negative environmental impact while contributing to better health for all.

We have taken the occasion of Earth Day - 22 April - to record a special episode of our podcast focusing on the role of hospitals in relation to environmental sustainability, a natural fit with their leading role in their communities and as champions of health.

At the IHF World Hospital Congress 2023 in Lisbon, the plenary session on sustainability in healthcare triggered a lot of queries from the audience. In this episode, we are delighted to welcome two healthcare leaders who will speak at our IHF Congress 2024 to answer some of these questions, in particular:

Cost is perceived as a barrier, but does going green help to reduce operating costs and how do we ensure it is a budgeting priority?
Often "sustainability" is viewed as an issue about buildings and energy - how do we balance the conversation to include clinical care?
Data doesn't need to be a barrier: how can hospital leaders approach measuring and benchmarking as part of their strategy?

MP Shah Hospital, Kenya

Dr Toseef Din


Toseef Din is a dynamic leader driven by a profound personal vision: to integrate spiritual consciousness and professionalism into every facet of her life. As the Chief Executive Officer of M.P. Shah Hospital, Toseef has distinguished herself as a trailblazer in healthcare management – earning accolades such as the Top 40 under 40 Africa Award for Health and Wellness in 2022, and recognition as one of the 30 most inspirational African Muslim women.

With over two decades of experience in finance and healthcare, Toseef is adept at navigating complex market conditions, fostering sustainability, and driving growth. Her educational journey, which includes qualifications in ACCA, CPA(K), a Bachelor’s in Applied Accounting and a Master’s in Financial Management, reflects her relentless pursuit of excellence. Currently pursuing a PhD in Business and Management, Toseef embodies a commitment to lifelong learning and personal development.

Toseef’s leadership extends beyond the boardroom, grounded in a deep sense of responsibility to both her community and the environment. She pioneered the ‘Go Green’ Initiative at M.P. Shah Hospital in 2019, recognizing the interconnectedness of climate and health crises. Through initiatives like Green365, partnering with Africa Collect for textile recycling, launching ‘stash the trash’ campaigns, and implementing paperless systems, Toseef has fostered a culture of environmental stewardship within her organization.

Toseef is dedicated to leaving a lasting, positive impact on both individuals and the planet. As she takes the helm of the net-zero session in healthcare, her multifaceted expertise and unwavering commitment to sustainability promise to inspire meaningful change.

Projeto Hospitais Sudáveis, Brazil

Vital Ribeiro


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