From the United Nations of Geneva to the Swiss capital city of Bern women march for climate commitments

A Swiss collective based in Vevey (Vaud) has launched a march to refocus Switzerland’s attention on the climate emergency and remind the federal government to abide by existing commitment. Switzerland ratified the Paris Agreement in October 2017 and committed to halving its emissions from 1990 levels by 2030.  

The event takes place a few days after the historic court case on climate policy and health brought forward by a Zurich-based group of over 2000 women at the European Court of Human Rights 

Sylvia Basterrechea, Programme Lead for the IHF’s Geneva Sustainability Centre shares key messages from the event launch held on 1 April.  

  • La Marche Bleue, which began in Geneva on 1 April, included approximately 100 people committed to walk for three weeks, over 250 km to their point of destination in the capital city of Bern on 22 April.
  • Its objective is to raise awareness about the urgency of climate change and demand that Switzerland puts concrete measures in place to fulfil its commitments under the Paris Agreement.
  • Geneva-based organizations’ representatives and politicians addressed the group on 1 April on the renowned Place des Nations before their departure, to express their commitment and support of the fight against climate change.
  • The IHF’s Geneva Sustainability Centre, alongside colleagues from the WHO, the Climate Action Accelerator and 2050Today, shared a few words on the importance of climate action in every sector, at every level, in response to the growing consequences on the environment and human health.
  • The Geneva Sustainability Centre noted that only through collective and systemic action we will be able reach a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable future.

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Written by:

Farrah Geddes

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