Dr Graccho Alvim Neto

Vice President

Associação de Hospitais do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dr Graccho Alvim Neto works internationally to discover best practices that can be implemented in his native Brazil. As a founding member of STEMS (Society of Tourism Medicinal), this has led him to explore first hand and learn from structural operations in Thailand, Dubai, and Costa Rica while expanding his training in rare diseases in the USA at University of California Los Angeles.

Since 1988, he has directed several private hospitals in Rio de Janeiro and he has been the Vice President of AHERJ (Associação Brasileira de Hospitais do Rio de Janeiro) for the past 15 years. Dr Graccho consults regularly with insurance companies to develop optimal home care programs while directing two infusion clinics treating rare diseases.

As the face of Brazilian hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic, his appearances on the national news led to a recently launched series of public health shows bringing greater awareness to the general public.