Carlos Varela Ferro

Chief Operating Officer

Fundació Aspace Catalunya - La Unió (Catalan Hospital, Health & Social Services Association)

Chief Operating Officer at Fundació Aspace Catalunya, an organization located in Catalonia (Spain) that provides public services focused on patient’s global attention, integrating healthcare, social and education domains

Carlos is a physiotherapist, with a rich academic background spanning various domains, founder and CEO of a healthcare management software startup. His expertise extends to training and classification at FEDPC, where he is also an accredited international classifier by BISFed.

His previous roles include Director of Neurorehabilitation Services at Aspace Catalunya (2018-2022) and Head Coach for Paralympic Boccia sports at FEDPC (2009-2020), participating at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Carlos is passionate about healthcare quality, he actively engages in complex projects,  leading the implementation of integrated care models that prioritize both social and healthcare perspectives.

His mission is threefold: ensuring solvency through continuous improvement in efficiency and healthcare quality, fostering social commitment by innovating an integrated social-healthcare model, and driving transformation by harmonizing processes to enhance continuity of care.