Daniela Matos

Specialist Nurse

Unidade Local de Saude de Santo Antonio, Portugal

Daniela has worked in the healthcare sector for approximately 18 years. Her career began as a nurse care provider at a central hospital in Lisbon. However, since 2005, she has been working at a University Hospital Center. At Santo Antonio's Hospital, she leads a team responsible for patient safety in the surgery department. In this role, she manages clinical pathways to achieve value-based healthcare.

As a specialist nurse, Daniela has developed tools and acquired knowledge to work as a Mass Gatherings Expert at the Directorate-General of Health (GDH). Additionally, she was part of the national COVID-19 task force. She served as a member of the Ministry of Health Plan Management Committee to support World Youth Day in Lisbon in August 2023. She also work as a consultant at GDH regarding the Patient Safety Team at the Division of Quality Design and Improvement of the Department of Quality in Health.