David Willis

Senior Information Security Officer, Lancashire & South Cumbria Health & Social Care Partnership, UK National Health

Service (NHS)


David is an Information Security Professional with over 40 years’ experience, and holds a degree in Computer Science and Masters in Forensic Computing From The University of Bradford. CISSP and CISM Certified, David is Joint Chair of the NHS Cyber Associates Network Development Group and Chair of the iNetwork Enhanced Information Sharing and Security workstream.

David started in digital with punched cards and paper tape, lived through the “home computer” and “personal computer” revolutions, spent ten years as director of a company specialising in paper to digital conversion, assisting global companies to digitise their workspaces. He has worked in the UK National Health Service (NHS) since 2006, starting as a security analyst working for the National NHS Programme for IT. David has worked in primary, secondary and mental health organisations, and has been working as a regional head of cyber in the NHS since December 2019.

David believes that cyber security is a “wicked” problem, as it is not just about technology, it also encompasses the WHOLE business not just IT. He firmly believes that given appropriate information and integrated intelligent technologies we can start to make a difference, but is also aware that the cyber game is evolving at a rapid pace: ‘the real cyber threats we face can completely take over” an organisation less than 8 minutes’.