Dr Amir Eltelwany

First CEO

General Authority of Healthcare, Egypt

Dr Eltelwany has extensive medical, scientific and administrative experience. His studies for master’s and doctorate degrees in diagnostic radiology have enriched his abilities in scientific research and follow the scientific methodology as a way of life, which is the secret of his success.

His work in various government hospitals in both medical and administrative roles made him familiar with the details of healthcare and the reasons for the suffering of both patients and medical teams.

His work as Director of the Technical Office of the Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Monitoring and Follow-up Affairs and deputy manager of universal health insurance made him a strong leader of a team of young people keen to develop the health system in Egypt.

He took the responsibility of Egyptian healthcare reform when he was assigned as deputy director for a universal health insurance project in the Ministry of Health and then he was assigned as Executive Director of the Public Authority for Health Care, to begin his journey to achieve his vision, which is to invest in health by following medicine based on scientific evidence and using the latest technological means to reach high quality health services available to everyone who needs them.