Dr Edmundo Lopez

IHF Governing Council Member

Philippine Hospital Association

Dr Edmundo Lopez is the President of the close to 2,000 strong government and private hospital members of the Philippine Hospital Association.

He is also the Medical Center Chief II of the San Lazaro Hospital - a Special National Hospital Medical Center for Infectious Diseases with a 500-bed capacity. It is involved in health care delivery service, especially for the poor suffering from infectious diseases. It has a continuous medical training and research programme for medical and paramedical personnel. Some of its short- and long-term programmes are infrastructure improvement and strengthening of its frontline services.

Dr Lopez is a seasoned healthcare professional, possessing good academic background, a vast amount of wealth of experience in responsible positions in varied health settings as well as in positions of responsibility in professional health
organizations. He has been the go-to resource person by the Philippine government’s Department of Health and other private healthcare organizations for various critical activities, such as research, task force member on health concerns, Philippine representative in local and international health fora spanning the globe (Australia, Korea, Macau, South Africa, Nepal, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Oman).

Dr Lopez was elected to the IHF Governing Council in November 2022.