Dr Guillermo Fajardo-Ortiz

Honorary Member

Dr Guillermo Fajardo-Ortiz

Dr Guillermo Fajardo-Ortiz is a professor of health services management at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He served as IHF President in 1985.

Dr Fajardo-Ortiz trained as a medical surgeon (UNAM) and holds a Master in Hospital Administration (University of Minnesota). He is also a Doctor in Medicine History (Autonomous University of Puebla).

Dr Fajardo-Ortiz has been president of the Mexican Hospital Association and was the first director of the Latin-American Hospital Association (Buenos Aires, Argentina). He has written more than 300 articles and 10 books about health management, and has won several awards from Mexican and Latin-American institutions.

Dr Fajardo-Ortiz served as a short-term consultant of the Pan-American Health Organization and the World Health Organization in Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela. He has also been a professor and acting director of the Inter-American Center of Social Security Studies.

Dr Fajardo-Ortiz has dedicated himself to healthcare services in Mexico alongside his extensive research. He has received many honours and awards for his contributions, including having a hospital in Mexico City named after him.