Prof. Dr Henriette Neumeyer

IHF Governing Council Member

German Hospital Federation

Prof. Neumeyer is the Vice-Chair of the Board of the German Hospital Federation. She leads the Department of Political Affairs and Hospital Workforce and represents the German Hospital Federation in the Board of Governors of HOPE – European Hospital and Healthcare Federation.

Prof. Neumeyer successfully completed her studies in Human Medicine with a MD at the University of Lübeck in Northern Germany, followed by a doctorate thesis. Following her initial medical focus on surgery, she worked as a health care consultant and in the medical technology industry. In parallel to this, she completed an MBA degree, authoring a thesis on “Integrated Care and Medical Technology”.

Since 2019, Prof. Neumeyer has been in charge of the Master’s Program in Healthcare Management (M.Sc.) at Nordakademie.

Dr Neumeyer has replaced Dr Gass as a member of the IHF Governing Council in April 2024.