Dr James Deiparine

Medical Director
Young Executive Leaders 2022

Deiparine Community Hospital, Philippines

Dr James Deiparine

Dr James Deiparine is currently the Medical Director of Deiparine Community Hospital. As a Medical Director, his main role is to structurally and financially grow the hospital whilst improving the provision of quality healthcare in a rural setting. He also draws and masterplans the direction that the organization will take in the future.

The Deiparine Community Hospital was started by Dr James’s parents as a small medical clinic in a third class municipality. Fresh from medical school, he took the challenge of growing such small clinic to a hospital. It has grown since – from a 10 bed infirmary to a 30 bed hospital and from 10 employees to 70 employees and growing.

Dr James aims to open several primary care facilities to mirror the country’s recently implemented Universal Health Care Law. He is determined to entice more doctors to practice in the provincial areas and help him provide more accessible and equitable quality healthcare service.He aims to benchmark with healthcare leaders with different perspectives and experiences through the YEL Programme.