Dr Paul Pendler


JP Morgan Chase & Company Employee Assistance and Work Life Program, USA

Dr. Paul Pendler

Paul Pendler, is a board-certified, clinical psychologist and a Vice-President for the JP Morgan Chase & Company Employee Assistance and Work Life Program (EAP). He consults with managers and human resource leaders throughout the corporation on managing mental health issues that occur in the workplace in addition to coaching and counseling lines of business leaders and employees.

Dr Pendler is on the advisory board of the American Psychiatric Association, Center for Workplace Mental Health, and has presented nationally about managing employees off work due to mental health conditions as well as how physicians can more effectively partner with employers. He is an Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of medicine, training both psychiatric residents and psychology trainees, in addition to maintaining a clinical practice for the treatment of mood disorders and relationship conflicts.