Dr Risto Miettunen

Honorary Member


Dr Risto Miettunen was the President of the International Hospital Federation from November 2019 to November 2021. He has retired as Emeritus Chief Executive Officer of Kuopio University Hospital District in Finland where he was in charge of the preparation and implementation of board approved strategies, and ensuring quality care and service delivery, education, and research. He has been granted the honorary title of Sairaalaneuvos by the President of Finland.

Dr Miettunen started his career as a medical doctor and radiologist with a doctorate in medical physics before moving into high level international roles in the global medical engineering and pharmaceutical industries, later transitioning to healthcare leadership.

He is a well-known international speaker and lecturer on healthcare, and a senior technical advisor in quality standards development. He is currently acting as a Visiting Adjunct Professor for the University of Colorado Denver on international health, and as an affiliated scholar at the University of Eastern Finland.

Dr Miettunen joined the IHF Governing Council in 2013 and became Treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee in 2015. He was then elected President of the IHF in 2019, representing the Finnish Association of Local and Regional Authorities. As the Chairman of the Executive Committee and of the Governing Council, he played an essential role in IHF’s governance.