Dr Sami Al Farsi

IHF Governing Council Member

Ministry of Health, Oman

Dr Sami Al Farsi is a Senior Consultant Paediatric Emergency, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Hospital, which serves as the apex tertiary-level referral centre for Oman, and where he oversaw the launch of several centres attached to the Royal Hospital.

Dr Sami joined the Royal Hospital in 1999 as a paediatric resident. He did fellowships in paediatric emergency in the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada and in paediatric intensive care in the Children Hospital of Western Ontario, London Ontario. After returning to Oman, he worked as a paediatric emergentologist, paediatric intensivist and was the head of the paediatric emergency unit until 2012.

Since 2010, he became deputy Director then Director of the child health department at the Royal Hospital, and Director General of the Royal Hospital. He is also involved in multiple committees at Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health and Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB).

He joined the IHF Governing Council in January 2023 for the remainder of Oman's term. He is also a member of the IHF Audit and Finance Committee.