Dr Supriya Sarkar

Cluster Head

Shalby Hospital, India

Supriya is a versatile healthcare executive with over a decade of experience, skilled in inspiring teams and enhancing performance through people-focused hospital administration. His proven success in balancing strategic decisions, financial acumen, and hands-on leadership has consistently achieved robust stakeholder satisfaction. Adept at crafting and executing strategic initiatives, he optimizes P&L outcomes while maintaining a strong emphasis on people-focused leadership. Supriya holds a Master's in Hospital Administration and is certified in Healthcare Leadership from prestigious institutions like Harvard Medical School and Duke University. His professional journey includes pivotal roles such as Cluster Head at Shalby Hospitals and Chief Executive Officer at Bankers Heart Institute. With a strong focus on quality leadership and corporate governance, he has earned fellowships and memberships in esteemed healthcare organizations. Supriya's commitment to excellence is underscored by his diverse skill set and continuous pursuit of certifications and training in healthcare management.