John Bolland

IPS Service Lead


John Bolland is the Service Lead for the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Service. He supports and champions IPS colleagues and people who use the service across the whole Trust. John started in the NHS as an office temp in an Adult Psychology Clinic. He experienced my own mental health difficulties but with love, support and a good admin job, got through some tough times! He then worked in the brilliant South Tyneside Assertive Outreach Team as a Support Worker, before moving to the Newcastle Early Intervention in Psychosis Team (EIP).

Newcastle EIP supported the development of IPS and in 2019 a proper, dedicated IPS Employment Support Service was launched. Since then, the has grown from a small group of dedicated staff to a team of over 40 exceptional Employment Specialists. He loves his job, meeting and working with amazing people, businesses and NHS colleagues.

His area of professional interest is actively changing culture to reduce stigma and discrimination. This will increase good employment practice, which will improve health and productivity, meaning everybody wins!