Kristina Ulrich

Managing Director
Young Executive Leaders 2020

Juedisches Krankenhaus Berlin Service Company, Germany


I am Managing Director at Juedisches Krankenhaus Berlin Service Company, since 2015, as well as personal assistant and consultant to the hospital’s CEO since 2012. I consider the biggest challenge not to be a manager in terms of authority but a guiding leader, a role model who has a positive influence on each member of the team and the whole team. Projects and change can only be implemented effectively if the leader is not micro-managing task-lists but inspiring the team-members to perform best. So I always try to know the talents and strengths of my colleagues (hospital) and employers (service company) to find the right people and build the best teams for each task.

The YEL initiative is such a great opportunity to discuss, explore and work on how to drive health system transformation (in the wake of Covid-19) with fantastic healthcare leaders from around the world, each of them with very different experiences and knowledge as well as the courage to strive for a better future where health care is more accessible, effective and affordable. To me, this is very motivating.