Leke Pitan

Honorary Member

Dr Leke Pitan

In 2005, Dr Pitan (MBBS, MPH) became the first African Member of the IHF Governing Council, representing Nigeria. During this period, Dr Pitan served two consecutive terms as Treasurer.

Dr Pitan has served in various capacities. He is a member of the Forum on Evidence-based Health Policy-making of the Nigerian Academy of Science and  is Chairman of the Project Advisory Committee of the Ford Foundation’s Health Journalists’ Immersion Program Maternal, Child and Newborn Health. He is also Executive Director of the Pitman-UK training Centre in Nigeria.

Dr Pitan studied medicine at the University of Ibadan (Oyo state, Nigeria) and holds a Master in Public Health from the Lagos State University.

Dr Pitan has had a varied career in administrative, clinical and political roles, including serving as the Honorable Commissioner for Health (Lagos State, Nigeria). He was previously Chief Medical Director of the Mayowa Hospital in Lagos. 

Dr Pitan is a winner of the National Merit Awards of the Nigerian Medical Association and the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria, respectively.