Mr Alain Kolly

IHF Governing Council Member

University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland

Alain Kolly is the Acting Director-General of the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG), the largest university hospital in Switzerland.

A political scientist with an MBA in international affairs, Mr Kolly's started his career as a project manager in banking before taking up positions in the humanitarian sector. His experiences include 10 years as Head of Delegation for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) working in South Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kosovo, and Angola. This was followed by roles as Director at Hospice Général, the organization for social welfare and asylum seekers in Geneva, and as Director General of the Public Establishment for Integration (EPI), which serves the wellbeing and integration of people with disabilities or difficulties in professional or social integration in Geneva.

Mr Kolly has been, since 2018, Deputy Director of the HUG, and took up the role of Acting Director-General at the hospital for an interim period until September 2024,

Mr Kolly joined the IHF Governing Council, ad interim, in June 2024.