Searchmore Chaparadza

Managing Director
Young Executive Leaders 2022

Baines Intercare Medical Centre, Zimbabwe

Searchmore Chaparadza

Mr Searchmore Chaparadza is currently the Managing Director and co-owner of Baines Intercare Medical Centre (BIMC). He is pioneering the opening of ground breaking services needed by his country. He is also the founder of a healthcare centred consultancy firm (Fleximarble Investments) where he focuses on project management and healthcare leadership and administration.

Searchmore is a Chartered Accountant and holds a master’s degree in business leadership. Among other things, he was the Chief Finance Officer and then Chief Executive Officer of the biggest private hospital in Zimbabwe, Medical Investments Limited. He successfully led the hospital through a major business process and culture transformation, as well as a global pandemic that brought unprecedented challenges. He is an International Associate member of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Searchmore believes that being part of the YEL program will grow him professionally in the healthcare industry, and assist him to create a globally benchmarked personal and institutional brand in the industry. He would like to use this exposure to provide solutions to local challenges faced by the healthcare industry.