Miyele Kaliwanda

Finance Director
Young Executive Leaders 2022

Medland Health Services, Zambia

Ms Miyele Kaliwanda

Ms Kaliwanda is responsible for Medland Hospital’s financial operations and has been instrumental in structuring the hospital’s finance department. Through her skill and hard work, Ms Kaliwanda was elevated from an Associate to a Finance Director within a space of three years.

Ms Kaliwanda is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics graduate and ACCA member. Early in her career Ms Kaliwanda worked in financial operations at First National Bank Zambia where she received a star performance award for her exemplary data analytics and problem solving skills. It was at this time of her career that she had the privilege of travelling across the southern African region to train her colleagues from other subsidiaries of the bank.

Ms Kaliwanda looks forward to joining the Young Executive Leaders programme to learn from her peers across the world.