Prof. Ferdinand Siem Tjam

Honorary Member

Ferdinand Siem Tjam is a Medical Doctor from Suriname with a Masters of Public Health Degree in Planning, Organization and Management of Mental Health Services from the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland. He is now retired from WHO but still active in teaching and consultancy work. His early professional experience in health care is in Emergency Medicine and Traumatology. He then joined the Government of Suriname as Inspector of Health (1974-1978) and served subsequently as Director of the Ministry of Health in Suriname (1978-1983).

From 1983 until retiring in 2003, he was a staff member of the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva. His main occupation was studying, and advising on the development and administration of health systems and services in Developing Countries, with special emphasis on hospital services as integral part of Health Systems Development and Public Health Administration, their management at Local, District and National level, related hospital technologies, and Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Health Services Delivery.

Main activities: Providing Governing Bodies and Member States of the WHO with information on areas of responsibility. Analyze global trends and study salient events, and serve as a global resource person on areas of responsibility.

Major subjects of work: Organization and management of District Health Systems, Emergency Medical Systems, Selected issues in the Organization and Management of individual medical care services.

Since 2010 teaching International Public Health at the Taipei Medical University.

Languages: Dutch and English: academic level; Surinamese national language; French and German at semi-academic level; Spanish and Mandarin at primary conversation level; Hakka Chinese: mother tongue.

Interest and hobbies: Accumulated 3700 plus hours flying as jungle pilot, flight instructor, part-time company pilot and private pilot (US Airline Transport Pilot, Suriname Professional and Swiss Private pilot license). Classical music and folk music from China, Latin America and the Caribbean, India and Indonesia (Gamelang and Keroncong), played classic guitar, did sport shooting, hunting and fishing, study of political and military history, ancient arms and armament and the collecting of modern firearms,.