Samiha Al-Habsi

Ward Supervisor

Royal Hospital, Oman

Samiha has 18 years of experience in nursing, and has cultivated a diverse skillset that encompasses both clinical expertise and scholarly pursuits. She is driven by a passion for innovation and excellence in healthcare.

As a nurse supervisor, Samiha has demonstrated a strong commitment to enhancing patient care delivery and fostering a collaborative work environment. Through effective leadership and mentorship, she empowers her team to achieve their full potential and provide compassionate, evidence-based care.

Additionally, she is deeply engaged in research mentorship, guiding nurses in conducting researches that contribute to the advancement of nursing science and practice.

Samiha is enthusiastic about the opportunity to further develop my leadership abilities as a young executive leader. She is dedicated to driving positive change in healthcare through strategic vision, innovation, and mentorship, and excited about the prospect of contributing to the future of nursing leadership.