Anna Riera-Domènech

Date:  26 September 2022

Anna Riera-Domènech

For Unió Catalana d’Hospitals IHF membership means a great opportunity of sharing future’s vision trends of healthcare in a global world. As a healthcare providers association, it is important to learn from others that face the same challenges as ours: a change in demographics, epidemiology and healthcare needs of the population contribute to health policies in each country, support healthcare management professionalization and, therefore, contribute to boost healthcare systems through improving quality of healthcare management and healthcare delivery.

The IHF is a key platform for a comprehensive international dialogue, ideas sharing and networking, partnership and knowledge exchange, to keep on helping our members to be sustainable and efficient, in order to achieve, all together, our fundamental goal: improve healthcare delivery quality to assure a fairer and healthier life for our people. It is a commitment of the healthcare community.

Written by:

Canny Creative