Carbon Emissions Learning Lab (CELL)

CELL is a learning tool for navigating net zero - a simulation, powered by real-world data, to support hospital leaders to become climate leaders through informed, sustainability-oriented decision-making.

A management simulation to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction in hospitals

Welcome to the Carbon Emissions Learning Lab (CELL).

CELL is a powerful tool that empowers hospital leaders to make informed decisions and assess the impact of their choices on the environment.

At the Geneva Sustainability Centre, we believe that learning by doing is the best way to understand the strategies that can help hospitals reduce their environmental footprint while improving human health.

A web-based application to analyse and understand decisions for sustainability

In this engaging simulation, learners experience different scenarios and assess the impact of their decisions. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can develop your skills in addressing the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow, without waiting for a crisis to happen.

Understand the decision-making process to reduce your hospital's environmental footprint

The Geneva Sustainability Centre’s masterclasses, delivered by leading experts, are complemented by CELL - providing you with a comprehensive learning experience. CELL can also be used on a standalone basis to support hospitals' sustainability training initiatives.

94% of users either strongly agree or agree that CELL is enjoyable, and helpful in increasing knowledge about hospital decarbonization - and 100% of users would recommend CELL to a colleague.

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What our users say

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What our users say

CELL user

Polish Hospital Federation

This was a very interesting activity to participate in. As someone with not much knowledge about sustainability efforts in healthcare, I think this was a good starting point to explore the topic.

Executive leadership course

University student

I really appreciated the costs and graph analyses that were provided when selecting options. Helps understand the impact of upfront costs versus long-term benefit.

CELL user

Catalan Hospital, Health and Social Services Association

The different options presented during the five years were very illustrative. Before the simulation some of them were undervalued or directly unknown for us.

Executive leadership course

University student

The whole simulation was helpful as I did not know strategies that hospitals could take to address CO2 emissions. The dashboards looking at each area were helpful to direct focus and see where opportunities were.

Hospital leaders can become climate leaders

What are the advantages of CELL?

Our easy-to-use simulation is powered by real-world data. Through the decision-making process, hospital leaders can experiment with different carbon-reduction initiatives and assess the impact of their decisions.

Add to your skillset for today's and tomorrow's leadership needs

For hospital managers around the world, mastering sustainability is an essential modern leadership competency.

Optimize resources for the benefit of your budget

Pursuing environmental sustainability can also improve your hospital’s operations, with wide-ranging benefits including cost-savings.

Reduce the environmental impact of healthcare delivery

Climate-resilient hospitals promote workforce wellbeing and improve the health of the community.

Pricing options for CELL

CELL can be used as part of a Geneva Sustainability Centre masterclass, or as a standalone learning tool at your institution. Licence fees are determined by the number of users, country income level, and whether our team directs your learning. You can contact us to ask for a quote or book a demo today.

CELL has been developed in partnership with Sim Institute.

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