Sustainability Accelerator Tool (SAT)

SAT provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a comprehensive solution to assess their sustainability maturity, track progress against key performance indicators, and gain the knowledge and insights to accelerate action.

Drive your organization forward on its journey to sustainability and climate-resilience

Welcome to the Sustainability Accelerator Tool (SAT).

In collaboration with Deloitte, the Geneva Sustainability Centre developed this innovative platform to provide an assessment framework that digitally empowers hospitals and healthcare leaders​ to drive sustainable, low-carbon, equitable, and resilient healthcare.

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Assess sustainability maturity across three essential domains

Understand your organization's current maturity through a sustainability assessment covering environmental impact, health, equity and wellbeing, and leadership and governance.

Report and benchmark your hospital's performance

With a seamless user experience, the web-based SAT tool enables executives to report a hospital's performance against core indicators and compare it to other healthcare organizations worldwide for valuable insights.

Access resources to accelerate progress

Taking your organization beyond measuring and tracking: whatever the maturity level, SAT provides the feedback and resources to guide next steps – turning action into impact.

Pioneered with cutting-edge sustainability experts

Developed in partnership with global experts over several years, the SAT is based on a comprehensive sustainability framework and includes sustainability indicators. The tool was developed specifically to meet the requirements of hospitals and hospital systems covering 3 domains and 14 sub-domains aligned with universal sustainability standards.

Is SAT the tool your organization is looking for?

Start benefitting from SAT's insights to develop and manage your hospital's sustainability strategies, and track performance.

What our users say

What our users say

Miguel Ángel Martínez

Chief Sustainability Officer
Fundació Sanitària Mollet, Catalonia, Spain

For the Fundació Sanitària Mollet, an institution with a distinguished decade-long commitment to combatting climate change, and having effectively transformed Mollet University Hospital into a NetZero facility for direct emissions, the significance of the SAT cannot be overstated. It has not only enabled us to confirm our level of maturity in battling climate change but also to ensure the efficacy of our implemented strategies. Moreover, it facilitates the identification of forthcoming measures, specifically aimed at diminishing indirect emissions and integrating low-carbon care through operational services and clinical practice.

Dr Jeannie Tey Su Hui

Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

We have been searching for a means to assess our sustainability efforts in a comprehensive manner and identify areas for improvement. The SAT tool proved to be of value – its simplicity, clarity, and categorization into the respective ESG domains made it easy for us to engage various stakeholders in providing the required feedback. We also appreciate the ability to benchmark our efforts against that of other healthcare institutions and track our progress over time in a systematic manner. Overall, a useful tool for driving our ESG efforts forward.

Hospital leaders can become climate leaders

How can SAT benefit your hospital?

SAT's maturity assessment will help you understand where your hospital stands on its sustainability journey. The dashboard and benchmarking is specific to the healthcare sector providing a clear overview of your organization's progress.

In depth, globally relevant maturity assessment framework

Complete the questionnaire to understand your current maturity and get guidance on how to reach the next level of your organizational sustainability journey.

User-friendly web platform for tracking and benchmarking

Track organizational performance and progress, and compare it worldwide to report to stakeholders and make the case for funding for sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability expertise and knowledge sharing

Access IHF, Geneva Sustainability Centre, and Deloitte sustainability educational resources, insights, and good practices to get expert guidance on sustainability.


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