Why does your organization need a Chief Sustainability Officer?

Date:  12 June 2023

An important first step in your organization’s sustainability journey is to designate someone to lead these efforts.

You may wonder, what are the tasks and functions that a Chief Sustainability Officer should fulfil? This handy guide gives you all the information you need to get started.

“Complex systems require complex solutions which must work efficiently with a great amount of data. Sustainability is a global process that incorporates that approach very well. We can see those adaptations shown via the ESG strategies all around the world. I know for sure that by starting with the proper identification of all data sources, valuing them, and building adequate ontologies of parameters, we can assure the maturity of solutions to be adopted and incorporated as a set of supporting tools.

The first year of a CSO role will be focused on sharing that vision along with the tools already developed within the space, gathering feedback, as well as working on continuous improvement of its functionalities.”

Michał Dybowski, Chief Sustainability Officer, Polish Hospital Federation 

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Written by:

Katherine Bennett