Workshops and training

Developed specifically for hospital leaders and their teams, our workshops and training build awareness and action for sustainable health systems.

Healthcare leaders driving change

Healthcare leaders play a critical role in driving the transformation towards sustainable healthcare within healthcare organizations.

To maximize our impact across the global healthcare sector, we focus on hospital CEOs and leaders with education and development activities – helping these leaders drive the reduction of hospital emissions and environmental impact.

By equipping hospital executives with the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills, we support hospitals to become leaders for sustainability within their communities towards a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Learning programme for healthcare leaders

Mastering leadership skills for net-zero, resilient, and sustainable hospitals – improving health outcomes for everyone, everywhere

- Identify the important steps to drive sustainability within your organization, health system, and community.

- Gain a deeper understanding of the health, social, and financial co-benefits associated with environmentally sustainable practices in healthcare.

- Implement effective actions to improve your organization's climate adaption, mitigation and resiliency strategies.

The curriculum, format and delivery mode (face-to-face or online) can be tailored to your needs. Costs are based on competitive rates, according to the country income level and the chosen format.

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Navigating Net Zero: Essential leadership for today and tomorrow

Masterclass from the IHF’s Geneva Sustainability Centre

The Navigating Net-Zero masterclasses are a one-day executive leadership course for healthcare leaders worldwide to address the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow. They are run by expert faculty from the International Hospital Federation at the Geneva Sustainability Centre.

This masterclass gives hospital leaders the key information and tools to assess, plan, and address sustainability whilst honing their leadership competencies. The format and content of masterclasses can be adjusted to suit a country or region’s needs.

Gain fundamental knowledge

of the relationship between human and planetary health – and your role as a hospital manager in driving the net-zero transformation.

Develop effective strategies

and discover tools to monitor progress as you build resilience into healthcare delivery, based on successful examples from hospitals across the world.

Learn from sustainable healthcare experts

enhanced by global perspectives from exchanging and networking with peers in a select group of international hospital managers

Training highlights

Advancing sustainability and resilience in hospitals in India

At the 11th International Patient Safety Conference (23 February 2024) in Bangalore, India, the Geneva Sustainability Centre participated in a panel discussion, delivered a Navigating Net-Zero Masterclass to local healthcare executives, and visited IHF Members at their hospitals to discuss their plans and progress on the journey to sustainability.

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Navigating Net-Zero: Masterclass at the World Hospital Congress

At the 46th World Hospital Congress in Lisbon, The Geneva Sustainability Centre’s masterclass was delivered in Portuguese on 23 October and in English on 24 October.

For hospitals managers around the world, mastering sustainability is an essential modern leadership competency. Take the lead with confidence alongside the Geneva Sustainability Centre’s world-class faculty and learn strategic tools you can implement immediately. This masterclass brings together the scientific imperative with practical expertise on how to successfully transition to low-carbon, resilient, and sustainable healthcare.

Geneva Sustainability Study Tour for Polish Hospital Executives

On 1–2 May 2023, the IHF’s Geneva Sustainability Centre was pleased to welcome the Polish Hospital Federation (PFSz) for a 2-day study tour on sustainability. Here’s a round-up of highlights from the event and how joining a masterclass or tour with the Centre supports hospital leaders to become climate leaders.

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Carbon challenge of healthcare: IHF partners in action

At the 45th World Hospital Congress, an IHF partners' workshop focused on net zero, climate resilient, and sustainable healthcare. Attendees learned and exchanged on concrete ways of delivering net zero in a hospital or healthcare setting.
This tabletop exercise was led by The Joint Commission, and chaired by their President and CEO, Dr Jonathan B. Perlin. Invited participants came from IHF partner organizations including the World Economic Forum, WONCA and ISQua.

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Carbon Emissions Learning Lab (CELL)

Simulation tool for hospital executives

Geneva Sustainability Centre’s CELL is an innovative online tool that simulates a hospital executive's decision-making process. Based on real-world data, users will develop the skills and knowledge to embed sustainability practices into their organization.

As a simulation experience, CELL allows leaders to explore and invest in sustainable initiatives, while making critical trade-offs to achieve a target reduction in emissions over a multi-year period. CELL provides hospital leaders with a realistic and immersive learning experience that informs real-world managerial decision-making in transitioning their hospitals towards net-zero emissions.

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Meet the faculty

Our faculty deliver tailor-made training and development courses to support healthcare leaders to become climate leaders.

Andy Garman

Andrew Garman

Senior Leadership Development Advisor | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Andrew (Andy) is an industrial psychologist, professor, award-winning author and educator – bringing decades of experience facilitating learning programmes to his consultancy role.

Sonia Roschnik

Sonia Roschnik

Executive Director | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Sonia provides strategic leadership, with responsibility for the development and implementation of the Geneva Sustainability Centre’s vision, goals and workplan, and management of its operations.

Ryan Crowder

Programme Lead – Strategic Initiatives

Ryan manages partnerships related to programmes and resources as well as commercial strategies for the IHF and the Geneva Sustainability Centre.

Aditi Jayaram

Project Officer | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Aditi manages projects for learning development focusing on sustainable healthcare for the Geneva Sustainability Centre.


Thomas Dakin

Programme Lead – Learning Programmes | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Thomas (Tom) leads the development and delivery of an executive-focused learning programme and its faculty, including masterclasses, study tours and peer learning.


Renzo Costa

Project Officer | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Renzo supports the delivery of projects and programmatic initiatives driving the strategy and engagement of the Geneva Sustainability Centre.

Sylvia Basterrechea

Sylvia Basterrechea

Programme Lead | Geneva Sustainability Centre

Sylvia manages strategy and engagement related to leadership for sustainability, as well as the IHF’s international framework of healthcare leadership competencies.

Brazilian Hospital Federation (FBH), Brazil

Marco Antonio Saavedra Bravo

Project and Kaizen Manager
Young Executive Leaders 2023

IHF Member: Brazilian Hospital Federation (FBH), Brazil. Planning strategies and managing guidelines focused on increasing the performance of hospital operations and the patient journey.